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If you thought Maximizer CRM can tenfold your productivity - wait till you have a Workflow Automation to tenfold your Maximizer CRM!

Workflow Automation(1) by KnowledgeSync tenfold Maximizer CRM in its capacity to give the right information to the right person at the right time. It is a business alert monitoring software, working in the background and watching all that is going on in the database and will send alerts when predefined parameters are met or surpassed, enabling information to be analyzed, identified, and distributed as critical, time-sensitive business data that need to be acted upon in a timely fashion by representatives, managers, executives or business partners to win or keep customers.

Workflow Automation: Process Automation and
Business Activity Monitoring with Maximizer CRM

While the competition struggles with manual processes and reports on customer interactions, gain a competitive advantage by automating and monitoring critical business processes. Workflow Automation(1) powered by KnowledgeSync, streamlines processes and reduces manual work for customer facing staff.

Workflow Automation(1) is an engine that runs in the background through Maximizer CRM, providing business activity monitoring to ensure that critical tasks are completed based on other actions in the database, such as assigning web leads to partners or notifying staff of service escalations. With Workflow Automation, relationship-building care and communication is streamlined and business processes are automated, minimizing the resources required to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Business Activity Monitoring

Monitor your sales, marketing, and service processes and daily operations to get greater visibility, manage by exception, and ensure staff are adhering to performance criteria. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), using Workflow Automation(1) powered by KnowledgeSync, enables you to be notified immediately and respond quickly to critical customer issues.

Benefits of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

• Monitor critical business activity processes through graphical alert dashboards
• Receive action-oriented alerts via email, phone, fax, or pager so you can respond to time- sensitive developments when they occur
• Utilize over 90 pre-configured queries and 50 events (actions) to help you get started
• Event Manager Navigator provides a visual workflow interface that provides simplified set-up of events and alerts
• Configure your own unique business activity monitoring template to monitor the critical operations in your business
• Pre-built events and queries for Maximizer CRM include business activity monitoring for:
1. Lead not assigned
2. Lead with no status update after X days
3. More than X lost or abandoned by any rep within Y days
4. Sales opportunity open for more than X days
5. Account Manager with fewer or more than X quotes in the last Y days
6. X open cases per assigned staff person
7. Customer service case open for more than one week

Business Process Automation BPA

Automate CRM and administrative processes to save manual effort and time - so your staff can focus their time and resources on value-add activities, such as working with customers. Workflow and business process automation powered by KnowledgeSync, enables you to monitor your system for activities, then trigger next actions - whether it be emailing the customer, notifying an account manager, send a report to an executive, or shipping out a product.

Business process automation can be used to automate virtually any standard or unique process you use with Maximizer CRM or other system. Simply define the parameters for the process you want to monitor in your systems, then define the actions you want it to take. Process automation actions can trigger another activity in Maximizer CRM or another system, or a simple notification. In the example in Figure 1, lead processing is automated to ensure that no step is missed:

Figure 1: (by clicking on the picture, you can view it full size)
Example of a Business Process Automation:

1. Web Form data is entered into Maximizer CRM and stamped with the day’s date
2. Checks territory, assigns lead to sales rep with a task alert
3. Triggered into a one-on-one follow-up email campaign to receive personalized messages specific to the product they’d shown interest in
4. If the sales rep has not followed up in a timely manner, an email alert is sent back to them and the sales manager to ensure immediate follow-up. Workflow Automation saves time, prompts faster response, and enables personalized follow-up—all adding up to competitive advantage

Email Monitoring

Email monitoring and email automation are critical elements in providing a seamless customer experience, ensuring that all interactions with a customer are centralized. So when a customer emails an inquiry, then calls the next day - the response is consistent, no matter in which department the representative getting the call belongs to.

Workflow Automation(1) powered by KnowledgeSync enables you to monitor incoming emails, then automatically take the next action - such as replying to the customer and routing to the assigned staff member to ensure no inquiry goes unanswered.

Benefits of email monitoring and email automation:

• Monitor incoming emails to company email addresses such as sales and customer service, create a task or service case in Maximizer CRM, and assign it to the appropriate staff person
• Send an automatic response to email inquiries based on assigned service case or other details to establish the right customer expectations
• Comply with anti-spam legislation with automatic opt-out linked to Maximizer CRM

(1) Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync is an add-on product to Maximizer CRM with additional license fees.

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