Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Practice: using Phone Tool, Calendar and Hotlist

We will see in this post how to improve your productivity by making the best use of the phone tool, Calendar and Hotlist simultaneously in Maximizer CRM.

This is an updated text from the MaxInfo newsletter of May 2009, showing the first screen with the new ribbon interface in Maximizer CRM 11, this is a remarkable enhancement, as you know I have been a Maximizer user since a long date and it did not take me long to adapt and use more efficiently. Even though the text seems long it is mostly because of the screen shots.

If you do not use the Phone tool in Maximizer CRM, you are missing one of the most productive tool if you make/receive phone calls in your work day. Along with using the Hotlist and the Calendar you tenfold your efficiency when you use them consistently.

This article will explain how to combine the use of the Phone function, the Calendar and the Hotlist in order to make you much more productive! Following these steps will show you how easy it is to take an incoming call (it could also be outbound), search for the caller’s record in the Address Book, and use the Phone icon to open the Phone dialog. You can then take notes of your conversation to keep in the client record as a reminder of what was discussed or for future reference. While the note is still open, you can view the Calendar for free time, enter an appointment, and/or add or modify UDF’s to better reflect the profile of the person you are talking to. Finally, we will review the notes that Maximizer creates.

Fictitious (almost) Story
John Marrett of calls me to say that he will be in town for a conference next month. After hearing about my new blog, he would like to take me out to lunch and discuss a distribution deal.

1. John Marrett calls. When he identifies himself, I click on the Search tab and click on Last Name and search for Marrett, even using three or four first characters will bring a list of all contacts that have those characters. (when you click on the image it will display full size)

2. Once the name appears in the Address Book window, click on the Tool tab and click the Phone icon in the ribbon bar, as an alternative action you can also press ‘F7’. The Phone dialog will open as follows:

3. I enter a subject or use the Subject list by clicking in the subject line, the down arrow will appear to display the list of available subjects already entered. Click on the Incoming button (Alternative Action: Press [Alt] & Iwhenever you see an underlined character in a dialog box, you can access that function directly using the keyboard by pressing the Alt key and the underlined character).

4. Take notes of your conversation. When John asks about my schedule, I go to my calendar by clicking on the Calendar button in the Icon Bar (Alternative Action: Press [Ctrl] & 7), I can minimize the Phone dialog (optional) and I find that of two dates John has suggested for lunch, the 19 is a good time.
5. Then click on the calendar date using the right-mouse button and choose “Add appointment…” from the context menu (Alternative Action: Press [Insert]) and fill in the Subject, Date, From, Until and a note if useful.
6. Take note that the Add Appointment form has been completely revamped since Maximizer CRM 10: there are now three tabs to control all of the available functions: Appointment tab to set the time and what it will be about with Products/Services and Categories fields that have been added as well as a section for additional notes; then the User tab to add other Maximizer Users who need to participate in the activity and the Address Book Entries tab if you need to invite other people from your address book… a great example of that would be an administrative assistant setting an appointment for a board of director’s meeting, involving people from many different companies, isn’t this great!!! Note: The following are required fields when adding an appointment: Subject, Date, From, and Until.

Set an Alarm if you would like to be reminded before the meeting. If your Preferences has been configured for e-mail reminders, check Reminder in the Appointments tab. The time between the alarm and the meeting can be modified by clicking on the Options button. The time between the reminder e-mail and the meeting can also be modified here.

Check Notify Others on the Appointment tab if you want other Maximizer users to receive an invitation the next time they open Maximizer.

7. Click on OK to complete the appointment and close this function.

8. John hangs up. If you want to add additional notes prior to saving the note, type them now. As Maximizer shows the first line or two of each note, we suggest adding a summary of the note contents at the top prior to saving the note!

9. You may also choose to add or modify a UDF or more at this time. You just minimize the phone dialog box and go to the UDF tab below the Address Book window and add or modify them as required there, then come back to the phone dialog.

10. When you have finished with the phone dialog, press the Save button, you’ll get to another dialog box to give you the choice to make another phone call, if not you click on Close.

11. Maximizer CRM will prompt you for the Result of your call with a list of results, select one.

12. Finally, Maximizer CRM will prompt you to schedule a follow-up with your client if there is any other preparation you need to do for the meeting. If you click on Yes, this will open up the Add Hotlist Task dialog

13. Usually, having added an appointment, we would choose No. However, we may want to add a reminder a day or so before the appointment.
14. Maximizer created three notes during this process: the Phone Note with the details of the conversation, an Appointment note for each client invited to the meeting, and the Hotlist note. Let’s take a look at two of them…

15. The Phone Note has all of the notes we added during the conversation with John Marrett. Included automatically are : when the call was made, the client with whom the call was made, the Number Called (in this case, an Incoming Call), the Subject of the call, the Result of the call and the Duration of the call.
16. The Appointment Note includes all of the Appointment details: Subject or Appointment Requested, the client(s) with whom the appointment was made, the Date and Time of the appointment, the Maximizer users who will attend the meeting, as well as any Products/Services and Categories selected if any.
When the proper tools are used in Maximizer CRM, it will ensure that you remember all the activities you entered…

You will not have to depend on your memory, which as we know, is a forgetful faculty, and you will be prepared!

I have been using these tools as long as I have had Maximizer and I can say nothing is falling through the cracks! I wish you get the same results!


Anonymous said...

Hi Celine,

Great post!! I would like to add another powerful up sell for Maximizer Enterprise -- it's the MaxMobile functionality.

After docking my HP iPAQ with Windows Mobile 5, Maximizer Enterprise automatically synchronizes the contacts and notes.

Thanks again!!


Céline Côté said...

Thank you James for your appreciation. I take this as a suggestion for a post to talk about Maximizer CRM Mobile soon!