Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you feel the need for speed?

Here you are, having a lot of new contacts or companies to enter in your database after a trade show and you feel the need for speed…

As a CRM Power User, I have a few tips for those who like shortcuts to go faster and be more efficient, it is fun too. Become a Maximizer Power User with this post.

Using the ‘Default Entry’ makes you a Power User

Using the Default Entry you can shortcut data entry, with this entry that is user independent for any Maximizer user, you fill some fields in advance when many fields will be common to many entries. Then when you create a new company or new contact, some fields will already be filled, like the fields for City, Province, Country, also part of the area code for postal code or telephone regional code. You can prefill any Basic Information fields and even User Defined fields! (Your ‘Master’ User has usually exclusive rights to create new fields). You will find the Default Entry in the Setup ribbon bar in the current version 11 and in previous version you will find it in the drop down menu Edit on the menu bar. Here is a picture of my Default Entry:

Doing Shortcuts with Keys

I am talking about Shortcuts Using Keys. If you feel the need for speed, sometimes the mouse is not the fastest way to navigate a page. Here are a few of them that can make you faster by using these shortcuts:

When you are in a date field, rather than clicking on the down arrow in the field to get the drop-down calendar for the month, then you have to select the date, instead you can without calling up the calendar use those keys to:
- the up arrow will move back a day
- the down arrow will move ahead one day
- the Page Up key will move back one month to the day
- the Page Down key will move ahead one month to the day
- the Ctrl+Page Up will move back one year to the day
- the Ctrl+Page Down will move ahead one year to the day

The following tip is for previous versions of Maximizer CRM:

Notice every menu selection and you will find most of them have an underlined character. If you press the Alt key then the underlined character, you will go to this area of the window immediately.
As an example, you are in the main window and you want to use the Search function on the menu bar. You press Alt then S, it brings the drop down menu for searches, from there just pressing the underlined character will call the function.

For those so lucky to have the current version 11 of Maximizer CRM:

This is so neat! When you look at the ribbon bar and press just the ALT key, it will overlap numbers and characters, you just have to press one of those number or character and you activate that function or tab. Let say you press T as an example, which is above the Tools tab, it will then show now the characters for each of the functions in the Tools ribbon! So you can now access those functions directly with their individual character.

If you are in another ribbon, let say the Search ribbon and you want to go to the Tools ribbon, by pressing ALT + T keys, it switches to the Tools ribbon and activate all the characters for the functions in Tools… how cool!

Now notice something else when you hover the mouse on top of certain functions, it shows a brief description of the function and if you see a F(n), this F(n) is also a direct access key. Then you can access that function directly with one of the top F keys – as an example the Phone Tool can be directly accessed with the F7 key – no matter which ribbon functions are displayed. And for this particular function if you use the combination of the CTRL key + F7 it will bring you the Phone Log.

In all versions, pressing the Esc key will close a menu selection or drop down menu, even stop a search that is running.

If you are interested in getting training as a refresher or for a new hire to ramp up quickly, contact me by email clicking on the specific area of my email on the right margin.

If you have some tips or tricks to go faster, please share them in the comment section below.

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