Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Demystifying Workflow Automation - part 2

I am revisiting Workflow Automation in this post. For a detailed explanation of Workflow Automation as it relates to its use with a CRM you can go to the article of August 2010, which would be considered part one.

This is more for it’s use with Maximizer CRM.

Workflow Automation for Maximizer CRM is a separate and optional application created by KnowledgeSync and combines Business Intelligence and Workflow technologies.

Workflow Automation enables you to identify and monitor critical business data within your business’ systems comprising of Maximizer CRM database, other applications, and incoming email messages. In effect allowing you to automatically respond to critical business activities as they happen and when potential issues are identified before they create problems, the people who need to know can act on the information by receiving an alert.

With Workflow Automation, you can apply business rules to all your data – no matter where it resides – and learn of those potential issues while there is still time to act. Upon detecting, Workflow Automation triggers real-time alert messages via email, fax, pager, PDA, screen pop, and webcast. It can generate, schedule and deliver Forms, Documents, and Crystal Reports, and executes Workflow to update applications with the information an organization requires. It’s easy for Workflow Automation to completely automate lead qualification, lead assignment and lead tracking.

Workflow Automation for Maximizer CRM provides over 80 predefined queries and over 40‘Events’ defined using these queries. This EventPaks, included in all four suites, offers a quick way to get started using Workflow Automation. Events have been preconfigured for many common processes within Maximizer CRM , and they can also be easily customized to include your own user-defined fields. Or you can simply apply your business context and logic to define ‘queries’ to search the massive amounts of information coming into your business every day and alert people or assign tasks automatically by configuring Workflow Automation to monitor critical events, then defining the actions you want to take upon that event such as creating a hotlist task with an alarm, or sending an email to alert a manager.

It could be used to alert when a customer service case is going over your allowed length of time a case may be open. Your own business rules could be to distribute a certain number of leads per each sales reps, a maximum amount of cases to your customer service reps, if a forecast will be unmet at a set time or if leads are not responded to in a predefined time after being distributed. In each case, you can set the Workflow Automation to send an email notifications to the affected employees and managers and attach a Crystal Reports containing the alert information.

Powerful and flexible, the Workflow Automation Suite is quickly deployed, simple to use, and easy to administer so you can focus on building successful, profitable customer relationships.

Workflow Automation is offered in four suites: Unlimited, Corporate, Basic and Lite. They are custom built for Maximizer CRM.

  • Unlimited Suite enables an unlimited number of active ‘Events’ in Maximizer CRM, an unlimited number of external database connections, and includes the Email Response Systems to monitor and take action on incoming emails.

  • Corporate Suite also offers unlimited number of active ‘Events’ in Maximizer CRM and the Email Response System, but is limited to one database connections. (i.e. Maximizer CRM).

  • Basic Suite also offers unlimited number of active ‘Events, in Maximizer CRM and is limited to one database connections, but does not contain the Email Response System.

  • Lite Suite has limited automation and response functionality and allows only 6 active events at one time.

If you think your data is sitting passively in your CRM – this is no longer the case when you add Workflow Automation. It’s like adding a console of alert buttons that will flash when conditions are met and you have a team of experts combing your data constantly... Beam me up Scotty!

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